Interior Design Features Scoring Big at Super Bowl Parties

We considered titling this blog post, “Favorite Fantasy Football Festival Features,” but chose otherwise. In a recent spirited Super Bowl discussion at HPAD, the conversation drifted from team speculation to the ideal party spot. Immediately, we thought of our multifamily and student housing interior design projects. We asked ourselves which would provide the ultimate accommodations and amenities for the big game? Like the title of this blog, there was more than one answer. As a result, we decided to put together our list of ideal interior design features fit for a Super Bowl party.



interior design features for Super Bowl party - Kegerator


This amenity is trending across many multifamily community clubhouses. Of course a Kegerator requires a unanimous choice of beer. In this day and age of craft beer worshippers, this might prove challenging. But this is truly the best way to experience the juice of the barley – and the Super Bowl. Plus, you’ll be doing the environment a favor with the lack of cans and bottles.


Rooftop terrace

interior design features for Super Bowl party - rooftop terrace the pointe on 30A


A rooftop terrace in February can be a real roll of dice as it relates to weather. That said, there are several geographical areas across the country that have better than average odds of pleasant outdoor temps. Interior design features such as a rooftop terrace is the perfect way to bring the great indoors outside. Our project, The Pointe on 30A, located in Rosemary Beach, FL, is an example of the ultimate rooftop terrace to watch the game.


Warming drawers

interior design features for Super Bowl party - warming drawer


Not something worn in the winter, but equally as practical. Warming drawers installed in apartment clubhouses are ideal for keeping multiple dishes warm and ready. The best warming drawers have customized humidity control to keep food moist or crisp. The convenience of these drawers will put you in front of the screen rather than stove-top.


Sports bar-style clubhouse

interior design features for Super Bowl party - pub style clubhouse


It’s hard to deny the cool factor of a sports bar-style apartment clubhouse. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the Super Bowl in a bar-like fashion and then just walk home? Increasingly, multifamily communities are installing significant taphouse amenities in their clubhouses. Combine this with a couple of large TV screens, a pool table, darts, and kegerator or two and you’ve captured the feel of a real public house without having to go out into the public.


Ice machine

interior design features for Super Bowl party - ice machine


Every Super Bowl party needs ice. If your get-together is in the community clubhouse, a standard freezer ice-maker isn’t going to cut it. This is why your friends text you before they arrive asking if they can bring anything. Not that they are cheapskates or anything. They know the true value of ice at a party. The downside is their bags will inevitably get set in the sink, taking up all the room. Ice: It’s not just for drinks; it’s also for the fights that will break out in the 4th quarter of the game. Clubhouses with built-in ice machines are ready for anything.


Poolside lounge and grill

interior design features for Super Bowl party - poolside grill


Like the rooftop terrace, this location requires an earnest nod to the local meteorologist and Mother Nature. If you’re lucky enough to have a stellar day and a poolside lounge on game day, then you know this combo is a choice one.  Who says you can’t have it all, right? Just pick the right team.


Wine locker/cooler

interior design features for Super Bowl party - wine locker - chiller


Wine and football, anyone? Not to sound snobby, but some of us have more refined tastes when it comes to rescuing liquids trapped in bottles. The ultimate way to store and cool such fluids is in a modern wine locker, coming to a multifamily clubhouse near you. Perhaps you’re already familiar with these? They can be configured for other beverages – not just vino. The upside is; it’ll keep guests out of the fridge, and into the game.


Interior design features help everybody win

interior design features for Super Bowl party - modern multifamily clubhouse


When interior design features connect with football fans in a way that enhances the game experience, no one loses. This is especially true around HPAD’s water cooler. Talking smack of the Super Bowl prospects and final score are all in good fun. At the end of the day it’s about the big picture: We improve lives by making the world a beautiful place for others to live, work, and play.