Rethinking Student Housing Interiors

In the world of student housing interior design, new ideas are emerging, borrowing heavily from the past – Shared common areas.


Once a standard housing design feature, common areas are making a comeback.  Students value them as a top amenity when making the decision of which community to move to. In the past, students focused on all things private, where they seldom experienced interiors that encouraged collaboration. Thankfully, that idea is fading fast.


Student Housing Interior Design HPA-Design-Group-Northpoint-Crossing-Study-Room-interior-design

Student housing interior designers, Dallas, TX

Study pod at Northpoint Crossing, College Station, TX


Have you noticed how rooms are getting smaller to make way for larger shared spaces? As a result, our designers are taking on dark hallways, transforming them into informal study zones filled with natural light.


HPA-Design-Group-Mountain-Lofts-student-housing-interior-design Common area, Mountain Lofts, Rexburg, ID


Seeking The Student Housing Competitive Edge

Most universities and colleges are surrounded by many off-campus residential options. The competition is stiff, with both new construction and renovation projects underway. Many of these projects include mixed-use zoning with allowances for restaurant and retail space. While the urban vibe appeals to some, it is less of a deciding factor for potential residents.


To be competitive in today’s market means attracting students by providing them with housing they can relate to; common areas. Interior designers have been predicting this trend for years with the growing number of apartment rebranding projects on the boards. Furthermore, whether it’s new construction or a renovation project, the concept of creating a living/learning environment for student housing is a trend worth noting.


Most noteworthy, interior designers have made a commitment to today’s student housing. Strategic planning for these flexible, shared spaces borrow heavily from technology. As a result, ubiquitous wi-fi connectivity combined with comfortable seating and other socially-oriented features are reviving the spirit of community, therefore broadening the interior resident experience.


HPA-Design-Group-The-Lofts-At-City-Center-Study-Room-student-housing-interior-design Common study area, The Lofts At City Center, Tuscaloosa, AL


Finally, when planning a student housing project, there’s an important factor to consider. Look for an interior design group that creates a value-engineered student housing design. One that helps developers create modern, interactive social spaces ideal for university and college life.