Echo Park Earns 2019 Dallas Design Ovation Award

Dallas, TX – Echo Park at Perry Crossing was awarded 2nd Place for Commercial Single Space, Dedicated Function category at…

Jun 19 2019


Pre-Leasing Interior Design Essentials

How do you sell an idea, a concept or a brand? Furthermore, how can you lease an apartment when it…

Jan 27 2017


The Pointe on 30A: Design Innovation

Okay, I have a serious case of the Winter Doldrums. It’s cold and gray outside and I long for the…

Jan 19 2017


Interior Design Features Scoring Big at Super Bowl Parties

We considered titling this blog post, “Favorite Fantasy Football Festival Features,” but chose otherwise. In a recent spirited Super Bowl…

Jan 12 2017


Interior Design Internship at HPAD Dallas

If you do a quick web search about the benefits of interning, the results are overwhelming. While an internship is…

Dec 29 2016


7 Signs You Need An Interior Designer

The clouds part, a blinding shaft of sunlight shines down on you while angelic voices begin to sing. An interior…

Dec 1 2016


Newport Beach Interior Design Stars

Newport Beach, CA, contains a 5 star beach, 4 coveted zip codes, a 3 mile boardwalk, 2 picturesque piers, (more…)

Nov 7 2016