Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary

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This month of May, we celebrate the milestone 25th anniversary of HPA Design Group.

Founded in 1998, with headquarter roots in Dallas, Texas, HPAD now maintains a full national presence; with vibrant studios also located in Orlando, Florida, and Orange County, California.

From a 5-person team, to now over 50 employees, HPAD has grown steadily to meet the demands of our clients: by providing exceptional design and delivering pioneering communities.

Through innovation, curiosity, and commitment, our team has evolved into one of the countries’ most well-respected “interior design giants”.

We believe our 25th anniversary is also a reflection of our company culture, values and employee experience.

This significant achievement is also a testament to the flourishing workplace we have strived to create over the last quarter century.

In the past 25 years, not only have we garnered many awards, but more importantly, delivered projects successful in terms of the marketplace; by engaging prospective tenants, fostering connections, shaping communities and the neighborhoods in which they reside in.

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A word from our President, Chelsea Dora-Shibley

“At HPAD, as we reflect upon our first 25 years, we do so with the utmost gratitude; for our clients, employees and all that the years have taught us.

Our experiences have allowed us to embrace the ever-changing design world with gumption, enthusiasm, and preparedness.  We will continue to grow our team with humility and vulnerability to better serve our clients and most importantly, the individuals who reside within our communities.”

Not only are we celebrating our 25th anniversary year but are recognizing the team members that have helped shape the past and shepherd us into the future.

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If you’d like more information on HPAD, including our services or multifamily expertise, contact amy.becker@hpadesigngroup.com