Signage and Environmental Graphic Design Services at HPA Design Group

HPA Design Group proudly announces the addition of Andrei Bucur, our new signage, and environmental graphic designer! In an effort to streamline our interior services and provide a one-stop-shop for our clients, we are providing all facets of branding, environmental design, fabrication, manufacturing, and installation in-house.

As a graduate of Stephen F. Austin University, Andrei has been with various design studios and gained a wealth of insight, knowledge, and experience. He has successfully managed all aspects of the design process from client communications to researching materials, manufacturers, and suppliers as well as coordinating with fire marshals, city planners and installers.

To learn more about Andrei, we asked him a few questions:

Q: Can you explain how you’ll be facilitating the signage design and branding process?

A: The signage and interiors process have a lot of overlap. In the beginning, we host a project kick-off meeting where we sit down with the client to get an idea of the overall look and feel they want to achieve by reviewing site plans, elevations, and renderings. Following that, is the logo and identity creation. If it’s new construction, this helps springboard the entire project’s design direction and can unify the vision for the entire project and consultant team. If it’s a renovation, we join our client for a site study and walk the property, after which we go over renter demographics, context, and the neighborhood. Finally, the design phase is initiated with concepts such as logos, ancillary signs, and leasing identity to give them a visual road map for the entire package. From there, we consider multiple options and choose one for final approval. Lastly, we move onto materials, manufacturing, and finally installation all while keeping them in the loop every step of the way.

Q: What is the most challenging part of being an environmental graphic designer?

A: Working within city sign codes and regulations. Every city is different and therefore requires various permits and requirements, so for every signage project, I have to cross-check with the municipal code library and talk with city planners from the beginning to expedite the approval process and ensure sign permits are promptly secured. It’s imperative to follow every procedure when permits are required. Also, to make sure effective zoning and variance guidance offer maximum brand visibility at every location.

Q: Are there any areas of environmental design that are typically overlooked?

A: Surprisingly, its public spaces like the elevator lobby, a mailroom, the corridors or even the leasing area. These spaces are most-often forgotten about due to limited budgets and time constraints. There is a common belief among developers that without an unlimited budget, they are not worth the time or effort which simple isn’t true. Thoughtfully designed wayfinding and signage for amenity areas is one major way to win renters by making a strong first impression of the property and the brand. It is also important to use well-placed signage to ensure the property tour feels logical to the management team and potential renters.

Andrei’s strong creative vision and technical skills demonstrate a commitment to quality and communication. We’re confident that he’ll be an integral part of the team and a valued consultant to our clients.

As we continue to build upon creating the ultimate client experience with comprehensive interior design services, HPA Design Group is offering branding, signage, and environmental design to current and future clients. We are expanding our range of expertise so that we can deliver innovative and exceptional results.

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