Interior Design 2017 Multifamily Trendcast

Interior design trends are a lot like the weather in Texas – Constantly changing. Predicting them can be a challenge, too. But just like a meteorologist, designers have to look at what’s happening in other areas to predict what is forthcoming. Interior design 2017 will be an exciting year; a year of changes and shifts in the multifamily “jet stream.”  Multifamily investors, developers, and property managers will need to partner with an interior design firm to offer appealing amenities to residents.


Here are four significant multifamily interior design trends that will develop in 2017:



Surban Living

We’ve discussed surban here before. A term invented by ULI (Urban Land Institute), “surban” is part urban and part suburban. It encompasses everything from environment to lifestyle. If you live in a suburban metropolitan area, it’s not hard to find. There’s a tremendous desire to live downtown but without the potential headaches and costs. Therefore, urban-living in the kid-friendly suburbs with the right mix of walkable amenities is ideal. Surban living is here to stay, well into 2017 and beyond. You can spot new surban multifamily developments by the architecture and amenities.



Better living through technology

We are forever edging closer to inviting technology into every aspect of our lives. It won’t be long before we have a digital personal assistant greeting us at our front doors. 2017 will be the year of the chatbot. Software advancements in apps like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa will be the most significant technological progress in the past 20 years. Until chatbots get their upgrade, and until the industry totally catches up, 2017 is the year to watch and observe.

However, many new multifamily developments are giving tenants command over their domains. With cloud-based connections, tenants can wirelessly control entryways, lighting, heat, and air-conditioning. In addition, house WIFI in common areas and outdoor charging stations will  be popular amenities in the quest for interior design 2017.



Affordable extravagance

This interior design 2017 trend is a flavor of the all-inclusive resort and uptown exclusivity. The idea of fewer square feet in units in exchange for upscale features and amenities continues into 2017. Floor-to-ceiling views, tiled flooring, rooftop fireplaces with seating areas, water features, and outdoor kitchens will be in high demand. Add to this bike repair (not just storage), wine cellars, and package lockers and you get more than just an apartment.

Granted, these types of feature splurges are often used as competitive weapons in the quest for new residents. The bottom line is; these selling points work and they are part of a trend that will continue for as long as developers put tenants’ needs first.



Micro units

In high density rent areas such as Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Chicago, expect to see more micro units. Generally speaking, these ultra-efficiency apartments are the multifamily version of the tiny homes craze. Micro units range from 200 to 350 square feet. For some tenants in 2017, the idea of affordable living in the CBD, within walking distance of work is worth the tiny footprint.



Beyond interior design 2017

It goes without saying that many of the trends we’ll see this year will continue into 2018 and beyond. This is driven in part by millennials and their proclivity for all things technological and collaborative. As a result, they seek adaptability, flexibility and personalization when it comes to multifamily demands. This is why we will continue to see a focus on multifamily common areas. These areas will feature connectivity and multipurpose options to transform from a formal meet-and-greet to a spirited Super Bowl watch party.

These demands will require designs to follow function, not only in the interior architecture, but in the textiles as well. Durability will become an important aspect of these rooms’ functionality – and flexibility.

In conclusion, keeping your property relevant with competitive amenities will garner interest. However, in the scheme of things, here’s the most important point to remember: It’s not about how surban, technological, extravagant, or affordable your development is. It’s all about tenant satisfaction which results from outstanding customer service.