Surban Interior Design Has Arrived

Surban. My phone loves to correct this word. By now, we’ve all heard about surban living. It’s cool, it’s the future, and it’s happening all around us. It’s so huge that we are all part of it and it is part of us. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. However, with surban living, there’s a considerable amount of surban interior design.

So what makes surban so trendy?


In a recent article forecasting the rise of ‘surban’ living, the ULI (Urban Land Institute) defines it as combining the best of urban living in an affordable suburban environment. It’s not just a flash in the pan trend, either. Demographic shifts have been underway, as more young households are choosing to rentnot purchase. Likewise, aging owners are moving from mortgages to leasing. Especially relevant, this explains the rise in multifamily development, particularly in suburban areas.



“Surbanization” is happening in many metropolitan areas

In cities like Dallas, Texas, host of this year‘s ULI Fall Meeting in October, surban multifamily development has surged. Dallas has seen several huge corporations moving their headquarters to its suburbs. Case in point, the two neighboring cities of Plano and Frisco, Texas have experienced tremendous growth. In Plano, Liberty Mutual Insurance will occupy one million square feet, right down the road from Toyota.

Because of the two campuses, accompanying retail and housing, Plano and Frisco are “surbanizing”. As a result, over one hundred thousand new jobs will be created. This has been great news for the North Texas economy and its developers. Most notable has been its positive effect on architects and interior designers.

With so many opportunities to help define surban living, the multifamily interior design industry has never been happier. Best of all, it’s not all new developments. There’s also a considerable amount of renovation interior design projects requiring surbanization.


Surban interior design, multifamily interior design, Dallas, TX

Accommodating growth

The bottom line is; it’s all about accommodating growth that is driven by technology and social shifts. Demographic trends indicate multifamily developments are a solid real estate investment strategy for years to come.



The essence of surban interior design

To find out what surban interior design means, ask a designer that specializes in multifamily interiors. The definition starts with acknowledging exterior sensibilities first. Since urban high rises are not aligned with many suburban zoning requirements, the majority of surban developments are low rise. Most importantly, the need for exterior design to blend in with neighboring development is great. These multifamily developments are subject to rigorous municipal exterior conformity. The upside is, interior designers get let loose to present an urban appeal inside.



Key surban considerations:



First of all, this one is simple to define: Urban parking stinks. Also, if you can find parking, you’ll need a bank loan. Hence, surban parking is accessible, closer, and cheaper.



Because walking is an inherently urban function, it is also a surban factor. Therefore, mobility with a built-in sense of community and safety make the surban environment ideal. When nearby services, markets and restaurants are handy, surban appeal is irresistible. Throw the added convenience of a bark park and the best of urban and suburban meet on the street in perfect harmony.


Surban interior design, multifamily interior design, Dallas, TX



Surban spaces strike a perfect chord between too big and too small. Seems like Goldilocks would love surban living. There’s a sense of privacy in the suburbs unlike that of an urban center. Also, there are also higher percentages of families with children, making schools more sought after.




Appliances and fixtures

Surban interior design features upscale, updated modern appliances and fixtures. Not only do they save on utilities, they add gorgeous style to the space. Also, another consideration to note is; living with an urban style in the suburbs is less expensive – not to mention more laid back.


Surban interior design, multifamily interior design, Dallas, TX


In conclusion, with all the modern conveniences of an urban lifestyle located in the accessible space of the suburbs, surban dwellers have the best of both worlds. Finally, when planning a surban project, it’s important for the interiors to match. Partner with interior designers with a proven track record of successful multifamily interior design projects.


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