Newport Beach Interior Design Stars

Newport Beach, CAcontains a 5 star beach, 4 coveted zip codes, a 3 mile boardwalk, 2 picturesque piers, and 1 of the best climates in the world. But there’s another important feature you should know about:

HPA Design Group’s Newport Beach interior design office.

The West Coast group keeps busy with several multifamily value-add projects. These benefit property management clients because they retain existing tenants. If you balance that with the group‘s remaining projects from new construction, you get a clear vision of the business climate in Newport Beach and beyond.


Newport Beach Interior Design


This is due in part to the Newport Beach area‘s growing status as a corporate home. Several notable companies have settled in to the thriving Orange County region. Pacific Life Insurance, Conexant and Acacia Research have established headquarters there.


Newport Beach Interior Design

Beyond Newport Beach

However, increased development resulting in requests for interior projects aren’t specific to the Newport Beach area. There are some noteworthy statewide areas that have been booming for several years, and continue to grow.

This is good news for the California economy and interior designers alike. For example, Koreatown in Los Angeles and Ventura, CA, are both perfect studies of high rise interior renovations and development. Further north, Sacramento and the Silicon Valley areas continue to thrive with a multitude of interior design projects. Student housing, multifamily, market rate, and senior living continue to be focus points for new and value-add interior design.


Newport Beach Interior Design

What The Demographics Reveal

Like many areas across the country, California demographics are indicating people would give up square footage in exchange for upgraded interior amenities or location. Most notably is the idea of micro-units in high density areas. Los Angeles, better known as one of the least affordable housing markets in the U.S., is seeing an increase in these living spaces despite some sticky legislative regulations.

It’s also worth noting the fact that many of the people who move to the California metropolitan areas desire an “all-inclusive package.” This is especially relevant in the Newport Beach area, noting that people would rather avoid commuting. Therefore, the ability to bike or walk from home is a top consideration.



Newport Beach Interior Design Trends

Regarding trends in multifamily interior design, fitness continues to be the most important amenity. You would agree, it’s probably more of a way of life, and not a trend. So, its significance to interior design is a constant consideration. Residents are choosing where to live based solely on the community’s fitness center. Consequently, most people aren’t interested in a separate gym or yoga membership.


Newport Beach Interior Design


Other Newport Beach interior design trends support what is happening in other areas, particularly multifamily interior design and ‘surbandesign. Residents want expansive indoor/outdoor common areas.


Newport Beach Interior Design


Because these multipurpose spaces capitalize on Newp’s climate, they add a useful indoor/outdoor aspect to a community. Most importantly, these common areas promote relaxation and business. As a result, “we-work” spaces have become more prevalent. Since more people are working from home, apartment communities must accommodate for this fact or risk losing residents. Furthermore, there’s a broad spectrum of ages requiring this amenity, from entrepreneurs to older established business owners.


Newport Beach Interior Design

How We Do It

With all of the experience HPAD has with projects in western half of the U.S., the Newport Beach office can help property management companies and developers install the best interior designs for their end-users.

The group creates spaces with the goal of addressing client needs with a solution that is tailored to their budget. Best of all, the leadership at HPA Design Group’s Newport Beach office was born and raised here, with a clear understanding the California market.