Multifamily Interior Design’s Future

It’s no surprise, in virtually every urban market nationwide; apartment developers are constructing new projects at a record pace. Comparably, property management companies arehaving little trouble filling their new units with tenants. This may seem like a simple case of, “build it and they will come,” but it isn’t that cut and dried. Multifamily interior design is the distinctive key that influences a visitor’s decision to lease.

In tech hubs like Austin, corporate bases such as Dallas, and investment-savvy centers like Chicago, there are concentrations of expanding multifamily development. As a result, there is intense competition for tenants commanding a metropolitan flair. Data suggests that today’s renters are looking for more than just a place to hang their hat. They desire the rhythm of the city, want to live closer to work, and are seeking properties with luxurious amenities. Therefore, interior designers are evolving much in the way tenants are.


Multifamily Interior Design, Palladium, Midland TX Enduring style – The Palladium, Midland, TX


The smart-home tastes of renters have altered the direction of next-generation multifamily interior design. The demand to accommodate the design preferences of a modern, urban lifestyle is more than just a trend – it is reality. Yesterday’s multifamily-style interior amenities cannot compete in today’s market. For a multifamily property to compete for tenants, attention to its interior design is equally as important as its location. It’s no secret that a well-planned space with a high sense of style and exclusive amenities easily converts visitors into occupants.


A glimpse into the future

At this month’s 2016 MFE Multifamily Executive Conference, Humpreys & Partners Architects’ CEO, Mark Humphreys and VP, Walter Hughes unveiled a visionary glimpse at apartment living in the future. Their presentation, a brief and fascinating animation, reveals what projected urban multifamily living might look like. Download “The Apartment Of The Future” now.


multifamily interior design in the future The Apartment Of The Future from Humphreys & Partners Architects, Dallas, TX. Could this be your future home?

What’s next for multifamily interior design?

The future of multifamily interior design already plays an important role in our present projects. From open common areas to cosmopolitan influences, the attention to interior design detail positively affects the outcome of a successful project. The lure of color and texture plays a critical role in a community’s unique style – and attraction. Add to this, an array of convenient services, omnipresence of information, and an engaged lifestyle, you then have multifamily living at its finest  – now and into the future.

In conclusion, today’s highly competitive market calls for developers to create interiors that transcend the ordinary with style that will endure. Hiring an interior design group with expertise in multifamily projects can not only give your project an advantage, but can also provide an early, accurate budget of pricing and design simultaneously.


Rachelle Bezner - HPA Interior Design Group, Dallas, TX