Top Multifamily Interior Design Features

Whether you’re an apartment developer or property management company, it pays to keep up with multifamily interior design trends. The U.S. apartment industry has been enjoying peak prosperity the past few years. This is true for both new developments and value-add renovations.


With this in mind, putting the relevant finishing touches on a construction project is always a best practice. Interior design is a critical part of this stage. It translates to much more than just flooring, textiles and wall coverings. Innovative space planning and trending multifamily amenities add value to everyday resident life. Offering the most desired community features can quickly gain new tenants while keeping current ones happy.

Therefore, let’s take a look at what multifamily interior designers are observing on the board. Interesting to note, some of these amenities transcend across student housing, senior living and high rise projects as well.


“Surban” Living


Without a doubt, this trend is hot. Surban is defined as; an urban vibe and convenience in a sensible suburban zip code. Cutting edge appliances and fixtures combined with visionary finish selections define modern living at its best.


Common Areas


Common areas are back. Flexible, multipurpose spaces featuring comfortable seating and other socially-oriented features are reviving the spirit of community. Generally speaking, having an open space that converts easily to accommodate activities and special events broaden the interior resident experience.


“We-Work” Spaces



Since more and more people are working from home, the traditional apartment business center scenario has become obsolete. The shared, “we-work” multifamily office spaces of today feature comfortable, adjustable furnishings with simple, dependable WI FI connectivity in laptop-friendly surroundings.


Expanded Fitness Centers


Increasingly, residents that have a fitness center included as part of their rent don’t want to pay for a separate gym or yoga membership elsewhere. For this reason, fitness has become a major point of focus for developers and property managers. Many prospective tenants base their choice of living solely on the quality of the community fitness center.


Hotel-like Outdoor Living Areas


In cities such as Newport Beach or even Dallas, that have climates supporting longer annual outdoor usage, outdoor living is practically essential. These areas promote relaxation, socializing and even business. The hospitality feel of a covered or partially enclosed outdoor area is completed with a modern fireplace, advanced audio and television.


Bike Storage


Apartment communities are realizing the importance of bicycle storage. With the focus on fitness and green transportation, there’s no shortage of biking advocates. There is a shortage of bike storage and bathtubs are just totally inconvenient. As municipalities plan for more pedal-pushing-friendly roads and greenbelts, so becomes the need to park them at home.

Multifamily Interior Design Direction

There are so many exciting developments occurring in today’s interior design industry. These hot trends in multifamily interior design represent some of the most requested amenities on the boards. Finally, when planning a multifamily interior design project, there’s an important factor to consider. Look for an interior design group that is well-versed in today’s sophisticated trends. In addition, make sure they have an extensive online portfolio of multifamily projects demonstrating the top current amenity trends.