Multifamily Fitness Center Trends

In a recent polling of our HPAD interior designers, we all agreed that developing or beefing up an existing multifamily fitness center is a huge draw to attract and retain tenants. The real kicker here is; your competitors have fitness centers, too. It’s no secret anymore: Fitness is a lifestyle that will continue to expand and evolve in tandem with good nutrition and technology. As a result, your multifamily project needs to be ready to step up, sweat the details, and run the extra mile to play ball with your market rivals.




Apartment fitness centers range in size and amenities, but their importance as a community feature usually weighs in within the first 3 “community features” bullet points. This is especially true in student housing communities and urban high rise developments.

Today’s tenants want the convenience of a multifamily fitness center that’s a quick walk down the hallway. Plus, they’d rather not pay extra for a gym membership that includes driving, wrangling for a parking spot, surviving the dressing room, and then waiting for a station. Add to this list the necessity (and expense) of noise cancelling earbuds in order to avoid exposure to the gym’s middle school soundtrack and copious Paleolithic grunting noises.

Does this mean commercial fitness compounds are going to become as rare as the Thighmaster? Not hardly. Gym selfies are way too important.




Now that we understand the disadvantages of an offsite membership-driven workout, an on-site apartment fitness center is optimum. Here are a few top fitness center amenities our designers have observed as trending this year:



24-Hour Access

For the same reason as the big box gyms: Not everyone has the same work (and workout) schedules. 24-hour access is a crucial first selling point of your facility.



Pool Views

Yes, the pool can be part of an aerobic workout program, but its primary gain is what it showcases. Do you realize how motivating it is to work out with a view of the pool? This is especially relevant in swimsuit season. Regardless of body type, swimsuits and their inhabitants are all the incentive some of us need to power through extra reps or sweat out another program cycle.



Vibrant Colors

I doubt anyone would disagree; nothing energizes like vibrant and neon colors. The positive, stimulating effect of bright colors is a fortifying addition to a multifamily fitness center interior design plan. Indeed, color psychology plays a role in this initiative and the best interior designers know how to implement the ideal combinations. With this in mind, it’s helpful to have an electronic copy of HPAD’s 2017-2019 color trend guide. You can download it here.



Multipurpose Exercise Rooms and Spaces

A multipurpose space is truly an important feature of a top-notch apartment fitness center. This type of room allows a variety of activities to be planned. Yoga, spin, kick boxing, CrossFit, or Zumba classes are a few examples of how an apartment fitness center can utilize a multipurpose exercise room.



“Forgiving” Lighting

For all intents and purposes, the multifamily fitness center is a common area with a specialized function.  Although this may be true, at the same time it is a social destination. Therefore, using smart, diffused, and flattering lights are favored over oppressive bright spots. It’s important to use the right lighting, so your tenants will look healthier rather than sweatier.



Ultimate Multifamily Fitness Center Goals

Not every demographic commands the apartment fitness center to be top priority. However, to your prospective tenants, it shouldn’t feel like an improvised second thought. In some areas across the country, particularly in the aforementioned markets of high rise and student housing, on-site fitness is key. It doesn’t stop at just an equipment upgrade, either. Some projects bring a hospitality-rich experience, offering personal trainers, smoothie/juice bars or even nutritional cafés.

Regardless of what your ultimate multifamily fitness center goals are, one thing is clear. An on-site fitness center is a huge benefit for residents and an advantageous selling point. The interior design of your multifamily fitness center is exceedingly important. Therefore, hiring an interior design group with experience in apartment fitness centers is vital to the success of your project.