Multifamily Model Unit Trends

As you might expect, your model unit’s interior design has the most gravitational pull with a future tenant. It’s the one time in the tour when your prospect is imagining all their furnishings, family, and friends in one space. Naturally, taking advantage of some of the latest model unit trends can influence your prospect’s decision. Given these points, we’ve put together the following list of multifamily model unit trends we are seeing this year.


Multifamily Model Unit Trends Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Sooner or later you’ll need to replace the carpet in your unit. In the meantime get to know some longer lasting alternatives. Maybe you’ve noticed lately how carpet is becoming an endangered species in units? It’s easy to understand why it is disappearing since it is perceived as quick to become worn and dirty. Today’s tenants are in favor of the warm look of wood and the sophistication of stone for flooring. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) can offer those looks and is a hot commodity these days.

Having come a long way since its market introduction in the 1980’s, LVT continues to provide innovative flooring options. Recent advancements in technology has extended its durability and performance while improved digital printing has introduced amazing reproductions. Because of these breakthroughs, LVT designs and finishes can accurately mimic nature.  You can achieve the look of real wood or stone at a fraction of the price. Perhaps the most important aspect of LVT’s popularity is the ease of installation and its labor costs. Best of all, LVT is a perfect match for an area rug to add texture, pattern, or a pop of color.


Multifamily Model Unit Trends Gas Stove

Gas Ranges

Ahh… Fire. The original cooking element. “Fire good!” As foodie culture continues to spread in popularity, so is the idea that preparing a meal should be a pleasurable experience. It goes without saying, cooking should be a predictable experience. Let’s face it; electric stovetops do not have the temperature control that gas ranges do. If you have any experience in the kitchen, you know gas responds to temperature settings evenly and consistently. This is the difference between “culinary perfection” and “quickly burnt to a crisp.” In either case, natural gas is a very attractive feature in the kitchen because it’s cheaper than electricity in most states.


Multifamily Model Unit Trends Quartz Countertop

Quartz Countertops

Sure, granite is the reigning queen of natural beauty, but its overuse can make its appeal seem rather routine. This is where an amenity like quartz gains considerable traction in the unit interiors market. Because quartz looks and wears like stone, it’s able to compete head-to-head with granite. But the coup de grâce here is; the color options and customization of quartz are practically unbeatable. Furthermore, quartz isn’t porous like granite, it’s easy to maintain, and doesn’t require annual sealing. It is also an environmentally-friendly choice since it is an engineered surface.


Multifamily Model Unit Trends Glass Recycled Surfaces

Glass Recycled Surfaces (GRS)

While quartz countertops are basking in today’s spotlight, there is another surface option creating a buzz. It is super environmentally-sound and takes advantage of all the glass that we responsible recyclers sort through every week. Entering into a unit near you is, Glass Recycled Surfaces (GRS). This distinctive product is a truly green way to create a unique look for your countertops, flooring, and walls. To date, GRS succeeds as the most innovative and creative method we’ve seen to use post-consumer and industrial glass in a model unit. You be the judge — Learn more about GRS here.


Multifamily Model Unit Trends Statement Lighting

Statement Lighting

You might have seen this one coming: Track lighting, the undisputed modern leader for decades, has officially been sacked. Today’s multifamily model unit trends include a myriad of options for statement lighting. Like the name implies, statement lighting sets the mood and adds innovative focal points for spaces. These often large-scale fixtures are sometimes based on timeless, classic, modern designs. Using these elements not only add instant chic and personality to a space, but can also be grouped with complementary colors and shapes.



Built-In Dining Space

For some tenants, a separate dining room is no longer part of a multifamily model unit. Most importantly, being close to the kitchen (and the chef) is the place to be for most urban-inspired developments. This concept is best achieved by extending countertop dimensions to accommodate seating, thereby eliminating the separate square footage needed for table and chairs. This is an especially important space-saving feature, making built-in dining spaces one of the favorite multifamily model unit trends among busy millennials and downsizing baby boomers.

Showcasing Multifamily Model Unit Trends

Creating a dream home preview for your tenants-to-be certainly boils down to the target market of your development. For this reason, the design of your model unit should address certain needs tailored to your future residents. Bear in mind it is your model unit’s appeal that is a critical influencing factor in whether or not a prospective tenant signs a lease. The space should include the ideal design that will make them want to move in right away. The best way to accomplish the union of design and demographics is to partner with an interior design group that specializes in multifamily interiors. This will give you a leg-up on the competition and maximize your potential for complete occupancy.