Today’s Multifamily Shared Workspace Designs

By the end of the 1980’s, new apartment construction began providing open office spaces to their tenants, lovingly referred to as, “the business center.” The multifamily shared workspace of yesteryear was often a bastion of sterility, lacking any shred of interior design. Oh sure, there was the symbolic plastic ficus tree in the corner next to a Windows 3.0 desktop connected to a HP DeskJet 500, which always needed ink. Obviously, this was hardly a place to get any real business done, much less entice tenants out of their apartments.



Motivation for Millennials

That was then and my how things have changed. Nowadays, if your multifamily community lacks a well-planned, versatile office center, you’re ignoring a big slice of your demographic pie. It comes as no surprise that millennials, who comprise the majority of today’s workforce, ranks multifamily shared workspaces as a top motivation for signing a lease.

Most tenants value the ability to bring their laptop to a table they share with their neighbors. Therefore, the demand for tenant workspace must support collaboration in a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere. Alas, this is where interior design plays a major role in attracting and retaining tenants.



Caffeinated Interiors

Think about it this way; the coffeehouse mentality is no longer a trend. Rather, it has changed the way Americans work, while greatly influencing workspace interior design. Your project interiors should always focus on social, flexible, convenient, and productive amenities. It’s important to realize, many multifamily developers take this cultural shift into consideration. A large portion of their new projects feature hospitality-rich workspaces. resembling an urban coffee shop (yes, coffee included). The bottom line is; creating a collaborative, entrepreneurial ambiance can attract new tenants to your community.



Multifamily Shared Workspace Success

Now more than ever before, tenants are working remotely from multifamily shared workspaces. The “WeWork” ideology has spread into apartment communities, helping gauge the success of today’s workforce. In short, it’s based on productivity, deliverables, and reliability. For these reasons, the benefit of a multifamily co-workspace allows tenants to flourish, which is good business sense for the entire community.




With this in mind, the cyber lounge has become a favored shared common area amenity for apartments. Not to mention, residents expect these comfortable, inspiring interiors together with universal WI-FI and multiple device connectability.




In the long run, a multifamily shared workspace in your development is a perk that attracts and motivates, allowing tenants to get stuff done – at any time of day or night.