3 New Standards in Student Housing Interior Design

The wave of off-campus student housing development is cresting and those riding it know its challenges – and competition. Smart investors understand the importance of interior design and how certain amenities can create a destination for students seeking a home outside the classroom. Therefore, student housing interior design experts have revealed their top three, new standards listed below.


Student Housing Interior Design Standards

1. Common Areas Make For Superior Interiors

By now, the phrase, “common area” is becoming rather commonplace as it relates to student housing interiors. Not in the sense that common areas are trivial, but rather how top of the checklist they are. A student housing community without them is truly missing the mark. As technology shrinks in size, a student’s need for personal perimeters follows suit. For this reason, it is the common, multipurpose space that makes up the difference, enabling social exchanges of comradery and the expansion of ideas.


Student Housing Interior Design Standards

2. Embracing Locale

Creating a sense of community in student living spaces is easier when you’re rooting for the home team. Incorporating color or local elements help create a strong sense of place and pride by symbolizing its end-users. Community features like lounges and cafes can be gathering places to watch the game or share study time over coffee with a fellow student. As a result, these amenities help promote culture and create a brand for the community.


Student Housing Interior Design Standards

3. Evolving With Technology

With practically every student carrying around multiple wireless devices, communities are quickly realizing it’s no longer strictly about bandwidth. Sure, that’s still important since streaming video on-demand is making traditional cable TV obsolete. Add to this the total number of multiple personal device connections and the overall requirements quickly expand. Given these points, common areas, lounges and cafes need to take multiple device density into consideration.


Student Housing Interior Design Standards

Student Housing Interior Design Solutions

With the nationwide student housing boom expected to peak over the course of the next year, adopting these new standards can help your development stay relevant and competitive. Still unsure if these new norms are ideal for your demographics? Ultimately, the best way to answer this question is to have an interior design firm help explain the benefits of incorporating these amenities into your present or future property.