Exterior Furnishing Design Evolution

The growing multifamily trend to blur the line between inside and out is hardly a new idea. With that said, today’s exterior furnishing design and comforts are far from yesterday’s fancies. Much has changed in terms of technologies and lifestyles that have stimulated interior designers to embrace fresh concepts and amenities.




In areas across the U.S. that are conducive to extended outdoor living, some notable multifamily amenities are becoming frequent requests. The importance of versatile furniture that serves as much in function as it does in style tops the list. As an illustration, blending these pieces with multipurpose nooks and open spaces can simplify configurations and enhance the user experience.




With the help of emerging technologies in exterior upholstery, woods, tiles, and metals, designers are finding efficient ways to prolong furnishing durability. As a result, new materials and fabrics are available that strengthen weather-resistance, preserve colors longer, bolster cleanability, improve comfort and performance.



Exterior Furnishing Design Isn’t As Easy As It Looks

Bringing the great indoors out is not without its challenges. The first thing to remember is, with many projects, every square foot counts. Space-saving furniture that is highly functional and can adapt to limited spaces might be a suitable choice.



Finding a bit of privacy can be complicated around pools. Interior designers, architects, and furniture designers have recognized this and have designed creative ways to enjoy a little seclusion. While not totally isolated, pergolas, caged lounges, and extended high-backed chairs can provide modest personal spaces and shade.



Raising The Roof

As an apartment tenant, everything is better alfresco. One hot trend for urban high rise developments borrows inspiration from hospitality designs. At the present time, rooftop pools, terraces and lounges are not only wildly popular, but continue to resonate with tenants. The most compelling evidence is, not only are they beneficial, they are a huge pre-leasing selling point.



The Big Picture

It goes without saying that exterior furnishing design is all about relaxation – more so than any other grouping of furniture in a project. Additionally, not only do your exterior furnishings need to stand up to what Mother Nature can dish out, but outdoor furniture must be easy to clean, sturdy, ergonomic, and comfy.



Finally, the best way to achieve the right look for your project’s exterior spaces is to leverage the talents of an interior designer. Informed developers, architects, and property managers always seek out the expertise of interior designers to create savvy and purposeful outdoor spaces.