4 Reasons Midcentury Modern Interior Design Endures

Midcentury modern, or mid-century modern; it’s such an elaborate term. There has to come a time when we drop the “midcentury” timestamp. Of course, the term will always apply to authentic period furnishings and architecture from 1947 to 1957. As it relates to current trends, midcentury modern interior design is more than a mouthful. It should just be referred to as, “modern” interior design.

But, this blog is about midcentury, so I digress. For one thing, I won’t be able to discuss midcentury without mentioning midcentury. Be forewarned, this might get a little tedious.

Under those circumstances, you may ask, “How does a style that has been ‘the next cool thing’ for over 50 years continue to be so prevalent, so highly revered, and so hard to shake?” There are a lot of enlightening theories floating around out there.

Here are 4 reasons that could be to blame for midcentury modern’s tenacious influence on the interior design and architecture industries.



#1. Ageless Aesthetics

Midcentury modern exhibits a timeless appeal, with clean lines and solid construction. This is true for both furnishings and architecture of the period. Midcentury furniture confidently pairs well with other contemporary styles including Art Deco, and Hollywood Regency.



#2. Longing For Yesteryear

Baby boomers longing for the simpler times of their childhoods account for a sizable share of the midcentury consumer market. They keep vintage merchants and modern retailers in business, especially in and around urban centers.



#3. Surban Appeal

Urban living, in and around metropolitan areas, has been more of a substantial movement rather than simply a trend. Further out into the suburbs, surban living with its intercity flair, sets the perfect stage for midcentury appointments. Surban designs inherently feature reduced floorplans which are ideal for midcentury’s smaller furniture footprint and lightweight designs.


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#4. Rebirth, Rediscovery & Reinvention

This reason might be the most important justification for midcentury’s longstanding love affair with interior designers. Modern design is fundamentally influenced by midcentury’s ability to stand the test of time. This idea is extremely valuable for multifamily communities that are in need of renovation and desire a solid design direction that will survive whirlwind trends and attract tenants.

Midcentury modern interior design easily adapts to new colors and finishes. For this reason, it purposefully mixes well with accessories and contributes to the vitality of rental living spaces.



Midcentury Modern Interior Design Sustainability

Contemporary design will always command a thankful fist bump to the pioneering innovations of the 1940’s and 1950’s. Have you ever noticed how [that] post-war era had its eyes on the horizon for what’s next? With plenty of speculations detailing unfamiliar future life in the 2000’s, who could’ve seen how seminal the style of that time was?

Will we ever see the return of heavy Tuscan draperies, dark, red cherry woods, faux finishes, and fine Corinthian leather? Probably, but not on the same level as the past. Until then, we have midcentury to pair, tweak, engage, and inspire.