HPAD Dallas’ Business Developer: Rachelle Bezner

How do the best interior designers in Dallas do it?

Every business has an exceptional person on staff, playing a key role in growing business. For HPA Design Group’s Texas headquarters, our goal of being the best interior designers in Dallas is facilitated by Rachelle Bezner. As HPAD’s East Coast Region, Business Developer, Rachelle helps property managers and developers by acting as a liaison. In this role, she relays their needs and requirements to her team of interior experts. As a result, she delivers HPAD’s expertise in multifamily, student housing, high rise, renovations, and senior living interior design services to our clients.

As we continue with another “behind the scenes at HPA Design Group,” it’s a perfect opportunity to gain Rachelle’s perspective about the interior design industry.



Rachelle Bezner, Business Developer, East Coast Region, HPA Design Group


Where are the majority of your projects located?

RB: HPA Design Group works nationwide, with projects in 42 states and growing. As the Business Developer overseeing the East Coast, I’ve seen markets that experienced huge growth over the past year. Many of these areas will continue expanding for years to come.  Markets such as Nashville, Dallas and the Charlotte area, have several upcoming projects planned, including both new construction and renovations.



What is driving business in those markets?

RB: There are many factors stimulating growth in those markets resulting in an increase of multifamilystudent housing and renovations interior design projects. It’s interesting to note, those cities mentioned are hotbeds for jobs. So where there is job growth, there is always development.



How does HPA Design Group compete across these regions?

RB: We compete because of our ability to provide an accurate budget assessment of interior design services up front. Another key point is we have locations in Dallas, TX and Newport Beach, CA, with two new locations planned. With this in mind, our Dallas headquarters is in the epicenter of the nation’s new development. Because of our familiarity with the Dallas market, we have the experience to help in other expanding cities. It’s no surprise that many worldwide corporations are claiming DFW as their new “home base.” This is great news for us because it constantly adds to our developer relationships.

With a hat tip to our designers, they are always involved in plenty of homework before reaching the design phase of a project. They study the market at the project location, so they know what amenities the comps are offering. They also know the ideal demographic each project targets.



What are some of your client’s most requested amenities?

RB: Since I oversee the East Coast, amenities seem to range broadly. This is especially relevant as it relates to the climate of each project. However, the one amenity that I see as a unanimous request in each region is the cyber café. Sure, there are fun ways to make them unique for each project (such as changing the name), but these seem to be a “must” for every client. Another growing trend is the package room. Although it’s not considered an actual amenity, offering an extended package room space, or parcel lockers is a huge benefit. Outdoor areas are another top requested amenity. Whether it’s a project in the Northeast or a project in Florida, we can configure the outdoor space to fit that market’s needs.



What motivating factors do you enjoy most about your role?

RB: Because we’re an interior design firm, our clients are mostly developers. So ultimately our collective goal is to create homes for their target residents. Being able to play a role in creating family homes that endure the test of time is a huge motivation to me. On the other side of the spectrum, I have such an amazing group of extremely talented designers on my team. They are the source of my daily motivation, keeping me busy with projects I am continuously proud of. My designers share their unique creativity with our clients and the world. To me, they are the best interior designers in Dallas.