4 Keys To Partnering With An Interior Design Firm

You’ve got a great project planned in an ideal location. You’ve established your target market and the architecture is in the works. Now you need to establish the creative interiors that attract the ideal tenant to your venture. This means partnering with interior design pros that can make the requirements of future residents a priority. Most importantly, you need an interior design group that gives life to spaces that support growth.


Partnering with an interior design firm: Trust



Like any partnership – business or otherwise – without trust, it’s destined for failure. This is where you, as an investor or contractor, need faith in your decisions when hiring a design firm. The first thing to consider is the interior design expertise of the group you are considering. Look for one with experience in successful multifamily, student housing, high rise, hospitality, and senior living projects. This will streamline your efforts and provide you with the first step in finding a firm to trust.


Partnering with an interior design firm: Communication



Let’s face it, open and honest communication is crucial for business. Not only that, multiple channels of communication are vital to the success of your project management. Having concerns and ideas regarding your project’s interiors communicated to you in a timely and concise manner builds trust. Also remember that listening is an important part of communication. Learn to listen to and trust your designer’s expertise and industry insight.


Partnering with an interior design firm: Coordination



Who doesn’t love when a plan comes together? Coordination is certainly a derivative of communication, but more of a measurement of an interior design group’s capabilities. You need a firm that can not only provide the perfect space, but can trust to coordinate design plans with architects and general contractors. This is the responsibility of a reliable interior designer firm. The last things you need are surprises in the form of interior details that aren’t where they should be.


Partnering with an interior design firm: Budget

Interior Design Budget


It’s important to understand how much you are willing to spend on your interiors. Even more important is partnering with an interior design group that understands the full extent of a project’s requirements, goals and budget. The best interior designers can provide you with a comprehensive and accurate budget up front, before the design phase begins. Staying within budget sometimes means having to reevaluate your design strategy. Keep in mind, premium materials cost more to manufacture, ship, and in some cases, install.

With any size budget, it’s important for a designer to itemize all the costs involved with your interiors before you make the decision to purchase. A trustworthy design group can offer solutions that can help you stay within budget.