Copper Falls

Glendale, AZ

Located 15 minutes northwest of Phoenix, Copper Falls is a new 2-story, 240-unit garden-style community and the first phase of a $45 million dollar multifamily development in Glendale’s expanding West Valley neighborhood.

Cognac leathers found in the lounge chairs are a nod toward the Old West and represent the richness of the desert sand, a mix of sandy and deep azure tones portray the boundless blue sky while pops of mossy green accents are scattered throughout to signify the hearty plant life.

Every desert modern aesthetic demands wood accents for a rustic touch that recalls the dusty desert scene. Slender wood planks draw the eye upward and line the clubhouse ceiling highlighted by cove lighting and modern gold ring chandeliers. Hints of stone and raw metals bring a sturdy, industrial feel while also speaking to the authenticity of the landscape.