Interior Design: Mid-Year Webinar Recap

On Tuesday July 19, some of our leadership team was invited to speak on the trends and topics that multifamily developers and buyers need to know. Niki Landry, Lindsey Nation, and Chelsea Dora-Shibley all spoke about interior design must haves that can add value and set communities apart from the competition.

Niki Landry, Single Family for Rent

Due to the increased demand of this new rental type, single family for rent (SFR) offers all the benefits of single family living in a managed community setting. Residents appreciate the privacy and security with the ability of various location settings in both urban and suburban sites.

With SFR appealing to a wide range of renter demographics, transitional design is best used in high profile areas. We’re seeing units with upgraded living spaces and well-equipped kitchens for entertaining with an open plan. Walk-in pantries, plenty of storage, and islands for entertaining finished with high-end appliances and fixtures.

These pet-friendly homes offer reduced noise pollution since there are no shared walls. Work from home spaces offer many ways for personalization including built-in nooks, niches, and shelves.

For shared amenities, public spaces need to offer flex co-working rooms, brand-name fitness and cardio machines and lounges that are accessible and cozy with an elevated design aesthetic.

This new phase of multifamily caters those who want a connection to the community with efficiency, less maintenance, and more peace of mind.


Lindsey Nation, Affordable Design

Many affordable housing developers note that interiors are often an area of short-sighted cost-cutting. However, downgrading finishes and appliances doesn’t save much money, and may reduce durability and environmental quality.

Our thoughtful design teams can establish budget-friendly elements without the design being compromised.

Focusing on trends that carry over from market rate, we can create multigenerational amenity spaces with multi-purpose accents and furnishings such as stackable tables and chairs and flexible lounge groupings.

We can easily incorporate cost-effective materials with a modern aesthetic. A fun trend we’re seeing are laundry lounges. This micro-amenity space blends the practical with the playful. Washer and dryer rooms with ping pong tables, TVs, and arcade games to pass the time while you wait for your clothes to dry.

Another overlooked sector is affordable senior living, where warm and inviting spaces can be functional and durable with a focus on selective materiality.

Lastly, using signage and wall graphics is another way to stretch the budget while enhancing spaces with pops of eye candy on walls and directional floor graphics.


Chelsea Dora-Shibley, Well Design

Recovering from a global pandemic necessitates innovative design thinking that infuses mental and health wellness. As personal bubbles have increased to six feet for the foreseeable future, multifamily amenity spaces are reconsidering the ways in which they are designed.

Key aspects of healthy interior design include the ability to create spaces that foster overall health, access to nature, and public safety.

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