High-end Design for Affordable Housing – Budget Challenges Inspire Creativity

With rental housing rates skyrocketing over the last several years and the recent impact of the 2020 pandemic, we have seen a substantial increase in demand for affordable and attainable housing in densely populated markets across the US.


A 2021 report from Attom Data Solutions found that the average medium household income can no longer afford a medium-priced home due to high monthly mortgage payments, taxes, and home insurance. The study found that price appreciation is steadily surpassing wage growth. In order to confront the crisis of soaring rental costs, developers have turned to delivering affordable housing projects to meet the increased demand.


HPA Design Group (HPAD) is partnering with developers on entire master-planned communities which are affordable to working families, inclusionary to lower-income workers, and with access to amenity-rich communities. We strongly believe that lean budgets should not dictate or compromise design, but rather inspire creativity and thoughtful interior selections that connect with residents while creating the look and feel of a market-rate project. Our design approach strategically identifies materials that are impactful and intentionally positioned to work within the designated construction budgets.


Golden West Tower | Torrance, CA

The Golden West Tower apartments, an upcoming senior affordable housing project located in Torrance, California, will incorporate contemporary furniture – large windows with ample lighting, and hardwood flooring, as well as increased spacing for seating and activities to follow the new global practice of social distancing. It is our desire to meet the need of providing community while incorporating safety measures to ensure residents are comfortable while mingling with their neighbors.


Arboleda Senior Apartments | La Puente, CA


The Arboleda is another senior affordable housing project located in Los Angeles County, California. This 74-unit development pairs classic wood finishes with bold blue textures and hardwood flooring. The fireplace, built-in bookshelves, and comfortable seating selection inside the library give a warm welcome to residents to a quiet retreat just steps from their home. The community room is equipped with a full kitchen, dining room styled seating, and a built-in flat-screen tv to host large or intimate gatherings.


The Cannery | Gilroy, CA

One of our most award-winning affordable housing projects is The Cannery located in Gilroy, California. Utilizing unique light fixtures paired with timeless, natural accents and muted color tones gives this affordable housing project the high-end, luxury feel that invites residents to linger longer.


El Rancho Verde | San Jose, CA

Located just 10 minutes northeast of downtown San Jose, California is the El Rancho Verde. this affordable housing project features 37 acres of green space that seamlessly balances tranquil living with urban convenience. Inside, residents are welcomed by the biophilic design which emphasizes our need to dwell within nature. Warm wood beams and green, leafy accents intertwine with natural stone, and modern furnishings.


We anticipate continuing to see a rise in demand for affordable and attainable housing due to the growing cost of living and aftershock of the economic impacts of COVID-19. To learn more about our affordable housing projects or to get a quote from our design team, please contact chelsea@hpadesigngroup.com