Surban Interior Design Has Arrived

Surban. My phone loves to correct this word. By now, we've all heard about surban living. It's cool, (more…)

Oct 26 2016


Meet Our Interior Designer: Karen Stillwagon

What do the best interior designers think? How often do you get an opportunity to sit down and talk (more…)

Oct 21 2016


Renovation Interior Design Advantages

When it comes to your renovation interior design project, there are plenty of advantages for you to consider. (more…)

Oct 13 2016


Dallas Fair Park Charms Contemporary Interior Design

Urban archaeologists, seeking the history of contemporary interior design in Dallas, Texas, only need to look a few (more…)

Oct 6 2016


Multifamily Interior Design’s Future

It’s no surprise, in virtually every urban market nationwide; apartment developers are constructing new projects at a record pace. (more…)

Sep 29 2016


High-Rise Interior Designers Target Demographics

Boomers and Millennials living together may be reminiscent of a quote from Dr. Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters (1984), (more…)

Sep 22 2016


Rethinking Student Housing Interiors

In the world of student housing interior design, new ideas are emerging, borrowing heavily from the past (more…)

Sep 15 2016


Download Project Portfolio

HPA Design Group is a national, award winning firm.

Jul 22 2015


Designing for Social Savvy Clients

HPA Design Group’s very own Chelsea Dora-Shibley, VP of Interior Design, talks process in a recent interview titled “Designing for…

Jun 23 2015