Exterior Furnishing Design Evolution

The growing multifamily trend to blur the line between inside and out is hardly a new idea. With that said,…

Mar 9 2017


3 New Standards in Student Housing Interior Design

The wave of off-campus student housing development is cresting and those riding it know its challenges – and competition. Smart…

Feb 16 2017


Multifamily Resident Retention Through Design

Consistent multifamily resident retention: What every property manager and developer dreams about. The fact is, tenants come and go and…

Feb 6 2017


Pre-Leasing Interior Design Essentials

How do you sell an idea, a concept or a brand? Furthermore, how can you lease an apartment when it…

Jan 27 2017


The Pointe on 30A: Design Innovation

Okay, I have a serious case of the Winter Doldrums. It’s cold and gray outside and I long for the…

Jan 19 2017


Interior Design Features Scoring Big at Super Bowl Parties

We considered titling this blog post, “Favorite Fantasy Football Festival Features,” but chose otherwise. In a recent spirited Super Bowl…

Jan 12 2017


Interior Design 2017 Multifamily Trendcast

Interior design trends are a lot like the weather in Texas – Constantly changing. Predicting them can be a challenge,…

Jan 4 2017


Interior Design Internship at HPAD Dallas

If you do a quick web search about the benefits of interning, the results are overwhelming. While an internship is…

Dec 29 2016


4 Keys To Partnering With An Interior Design Firm

You’ve got a great project planned in an ideal location. You’ve established your target market and the architecture is in…

Dec 27 2016


The Influence of Interior Design Color Trends

What's your favorite color? Everyone has one or more. Think about it; life would be pretty boring without them. Color…

Dec 13 2016