Market Research in Magnificent Milan

Multifamily designers at HPA Design Group are savvy market forecasters. “When we present to a multifamily client in real time,…

Jul 29 2019


Echo Park Earns 2019 Dallas Design Ovation Award

Dallas, TX – Echo Park at Perry Crossing was awarded 2nd Place for Commercial Single Space, Dedicated Function category at…

Jun 19 2019


Using Technology to Elevate Interiors

Residential real estate brokers use the delicious aroma of freshly baked goods to create positive outcomes during the walk through.…

Jun 4 2019


Designing for the Social Media Influencer

Multifamily marketers are in love with the Instagrammable Moment. It’s a powerful way to broadcast your apartment property’s awesome amenities…

Mar 8 2019


Top 4 Colors of the Year for Multifamily Interior Designers

Color us surprised – Pantone and other high-profile color influencers have released the trendiest shades of 2019 and it is…

Jan 23 2019


Client Spotlight: The Garrett Companies

The Garrett Companies Having built a relationship over the years with The Garrett Companies, we are thrilled to continue working…

Jun 19 2018


Client Spotlight: Talos Holdings

Talos Holdings Here at HPAD, we have the honor and privilege of serving wonderful clients. It brings us no greater…

Jun 4 2018


Mid-Year Webinar Key Takeaways

HPA's Mid-Year Webinar in 3-Minutes If you're like many worker bees, carving out an hour of your busy day for…

Jul 28 2017


Multifamily Wall Design Trends

The artist M.C. Escher once asked, “Are you really sure that a floor can’t also be a ceiling?” Such a…

Jun 7 2017


Today’s Multifamily Shared Workspace Designs

By the end of the 1980’s, new apartment construction began providing open office spaces to their tenants, lovingly referred to…

May 22 2017