Dallas, TX

The Oaks in the historic Dallas Oak Cliff neighborhood, is a sterling example of HPA Design Group’s prowess in interior design for affordable senior living communities. This 260-unit development, dedicated to residents 62 years and older, showcases how innovative interior design can significantly enhance the quality of life for its residents.

Located in Oak Cliff, a district steeped in culture, The Oaks blends historical elements with modern interior design trends. HPA Design Group has artfully integrated contemporary design features that resonate with active seniors, ensuring a living space that is both stylish and comfortable. Every corner of “The Oaks” reflects HPA Design Group’s commitment to creating functional, yet aesthetically pleasing environments. The grand clubhouse stands out with its sophisticated interior design, high ceilings, and a library that exudes warmth and welcome, ideal for the community’s vibrant lifestyle.

The Oaks is enriched with amenities that are not just facilities but carefully designed spaces. From an arts-and-crafts room with a creative ambiance to a movie room and game lounges, each area is a testament to thoughtful interior design fostering social, mental, and physical engagement. The property is a showcase of interior design excellence, prioritizing accessibility and comfort. The interior design choices reflect an understanding of senior living needs, blending safety, functionality, and modern style.

The Oaks stands as a beacon of how interior design can profoundly impact senior living. HPA Design Group’s work here is a benchmark in interior design for senior communities, offering a perfect blend of modernity, comfort, and style. It’s a place that doesn’t just house its residents; it inspires and invigorates them every day.