Ascend at Tamarron

Katy, TX

  • Category
  • Type Interior Corridor
  • Status Built

Located within a new luxurious master-planned community in the Katy-Fulshear area of Houston, this new garden-style multifamily community boasts a modern Texas farmhouse exterior that conveys an approachable yet sophisticated fa├žade. Responding to the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood, the architecture captures the simple and timeless spirit of a farmhouse, yet is reworked to reflect a more modern style.

Inside, the clubhouse offers both open and intimate spaces. Transitions to private and cozy rooms boast both efficiency and elegance. Mixing a palette of medium wood tones, saturated accent colors, and quirky patterns and schemes is carried out through the light fixture selections and wallcoverings. Vibrant teal, deep blues, and pops of sunny yellow are integrated into warm neutral woods and metals within the amenity spaces. The yellow energizes the rooms and prohibits them from feeling overly serious.

Since the interior spaces are interconnected and are used as conduits to move through the building, the designs for each area serve a purpose, but also work well with the neighboring space. This was achieved through repetition of pattern and color and by using the ceiling elements to encompass a functional area to create versatile zones within the larger rooms.


ASID Dallas Design Ovation Awards

2021 - 1st Place: Multifamily

ASID Dallas Design Ovation Awards

2021 - Commercial: Best in Show